ROBOT waitress is an innovative functional robot that can act as an interactive assistant for any service sector. Robot waitress can carry out reception duties, deliver food and drink create an interactive shopping experience and provide consultative and informative explanations.

The Waitress Robot can be used in hotels for room service, it can be used in car dealerships, restaurants and cafes to name a few.

Imagine entering a restaurant and Amy is there to greet you, she then guides you to your table and delivers your food. For the added novelty she can also sing happy birthday to you. If this isn’t enough Amy can play music, play adverts and converse with its guests.

We’re living in a much more image-conscious age, when people love to document and share the day to day through photographs on social media. People are also constantly on the lookout for something new and unusual to snap, to make their posts stand out by capturing something unique.

That’s where a robot waitress could make a massive difference to your restaurant. If you run a restaurant or café, then you want to give your customers a dining experience like no other in the hope that they will shine a positive social media spotlight on your business.

A robot waitress is about so much more than simply carrying out the task of serving customers. Marketing plays a huge role in the success of any restaurant business, and a service robot certainly stands out from the crowd and gives diners something novel and interesting to focus on. As well as snapping their beautiful plates of food, customers are also going to want to take photos and selfies with their robot waitress, and those photographs could help spread the word and market your business for free.

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and by giving your customers something to post about, you’re harnessing that power without having to spend a penny on a coordinated marketing campaign. The positivity towards your business will spread organically the more people post and engage.